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  1. cool game

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    try this. this is nice :) This is not nice, actually.
  2. need more power b14 ga14de engine for drag race

    Naturally Aspirated
    yes there is a 1.4L GA here in the Philippines wapoy, are you a member of Nissanbayan? if not I suggest you join up and search some of your queries there.
  3. Test fitting the GTS grille

    Member Rides
    not really scouted for prices but maybe a conservative price for a fiberglass copy is around P7,000-10,000??? ($150-$200) not really that sure though but definitely its going to be cheaper than an OEM one. But what's best if you could locate an OEM surplus maybe in Banawe, Evangelista, or if you...
  4. Test fitting the GTS grille

    Member Rides
    yes you could source out there and look for OEM B14 GTS bumpers but they are also hard to come by, even the local guys form Nissanbayan are having a hard time...of course you will need the lights too which you could probably buy there. Fiberglass shops also make them but the mesh will probably...
  5. Test fitting the GTS grille

    Member Rides
    really, so you got it here? hope you got an OEM one, there are lots of fiberglass copies running about here also. How much did you spend importing the grille, or I guess you have some relatives here?
  6. Test fitting the GTS grille

    Member Rides
    cool, does that mean that the GTS grille is already available there locally? You guys just need a copy of the bumper then :thumbup:

    B13 91-94 chassis
    thats the new sentra here in the Philippines but it is under the N16 platform and not B15. has a QG16DE engine but we also have the QR18DE variant also
  8. Hotshot CAI installation site?

    B14 95-99 chassis
  9. MAF after turbo

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    i can't transfer my MAF sensor, its incorporated inside the throttle body, like the GA16s of the Mexican sentras
  10. 98 sentra se updated pics (no tints)

    Member Rides
    nice drop and wheels! i agree it looks good with or without tint, but maybe for security reasons you may want to some tint on that. :)
  11. Which do you think is the best Gen GTR? R32, R33 or R34? Vote!!

    Nissan GTR/Skyline
    R34 for me :)
  12. Vote for your favorite part of NPM!

    NPM General Discussion
    project cars absolutely :) gives us ideas of the quality aftermarket parts made for our Nissans :)
  13. opinions please

    Cosmetic Mods
    much better than the rear amber signals IMO :)
  14. GBOX??? what is this all about

    GA-Series Engines
    scam, unless one of you tries it and proves it does give gains. :)
  15. Fuel pump problem?

    B14 95-99 chassis
    one way to check if your fuel pump is still ok is you still hear that "hissing" sound when you turn on the ignition. :)
  16. Newbie welcome

    New Member Forum
    welcome to nissanforums :)
  17. Pics of my car at the Expo Center Show, CT

    Member Rides
    cool engine pic! a HS header will also be good like what myoung said, both visually and in performance :)
  18. New Pic/new Wheels On My 200sx

    Member Rides
    i like the wheels :)
  19. modified sentra's

    B14 95-99 chassis
    its OEM ;)
  20. VC paint again not nissan

    Cosmetic Mods
    the paint looks great! :)
1-20 of 97 Results