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  1. accidentally got sharpie on plastic

    Cosmetic Mods
    Do you have a pic of what these look like now?
  2. Power Window Switch Removal

    B14 95-99 chassis
    Yes you can pull the switch without pulling the door panel off. My switch did not work and it was a plastic tab not allowing the button to push the contacts up/down that broke off.
  3. ***Outlaw Engineering GA16 thermoblock spacers***

    GA-Series Engines
    My car was used to test fit the B14 SR20 kit last summer. Sean at Outlaw is a great guy and has a great company supporting our community. I recommend everyone jump on this. I had my car dyno'd using just the upper plenum and TB kit, at a later date the lower plenum was added and I have since...
  4. South/Central Florida Car Club

    huh? Ummmm, I am moving down there in April. I have looked at CC and some have some many rules and I don't have time to some things when others want. Is this still going down? ~~988
  5. Caliper Bolt and pin Replacement

    B14 95-99 chassis
    I got a pair of AD22's from the yard and the pin is seized in it. I have to drill it out and rebuild it now.
  6. No oil

    B14 95-99 chassis
    That is why I ALWAYS change my own oil. I am not letting some 16 year old change my oil. Nothing against the 16 yo on the board but we all were 16 at one time and someone else's problems were not ours. Change your own oil. It will take you 15-20 minutes and you can do it with Mobile-1 for the...
  7. proper way to wire m3 mirrors

    Cosmetic Mods
    One should be your ground, constant power (if you want that) and the other is power for the turn signal. I got rid of mine awhile ago so that is off of memory.
  8. Are there any 200sx Aftermarket Tail Lights???

    Cosmetic Mods
    Amen to that!!!
  9. Clean look or graphics

    Cosmetic Mods
    I like the clean look, espically on a white car.

    B14 95-99 chassis
    For the stiff shifting, you might of overtightened the short shifter. Try to turn it back a 1/4 turn and see if there is a difference. Happened to me when I installed mine. Now it is smooth again.
  11. Thudding sound on rear suspension

    Suspension & Brakes
    That's what mine was. The exhaust hitting the rear beam. I just got another exhaust pipe hanger and re-hung the exhaust higher. No more banging.
  12. ES Shifter Bushing Install

    B14 95-99 chassis
    I believed I just used 2 wrenches. I forgot the sizes though. The only problem I had was getting the bolt out of the bushing due to room.
  13. Flamethrower kit

    Cosmetic Mods
    I seen an episode on Spike TV Trucks show that the guy put a flame thrower kit on a truck. He did it with from what I remember, 2 coils and a spark plug. I remember something about extra fuel running though your exhaust but don't remember if it was a line or not. He did have an on/off switch in...
  14. will 17" fit?

    Cosmetic Mods
    4X100, that is the bolt pattern but I don't know about the offset.
  15. will 17" fit?

    Cosmetic Mods
    I have 18's on mine and use them only in the summer. Running 215/35/18 tires. No probs at all. Click the Cardomain link for pics if you want to see what they look like on a B14.
  16. New suspension pulling in the direction I turn.

    Suspension & Brakes
    What is the bearing called and how much was it? I have the same problem also.
  17. Homemade CAI Finally Done

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    You don't have to have fog lights. The filter will drop right between the wheel well and the front bumper.
  18. **WI. , IL. Great Lakes Dragaway Aug. 13th, Friday Night**

    Midwest/Great Plains
    I should be able to make it also
  19. opinions please

    Cosmetic Mods
    I want to paint my chrome ones to match my Aztec Red.
  20. Anyone ever get Thermoblok spacers from Outlaw Engineering?

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    Here is an update for the low-port. This is a 3-piece kit and I only have the 2 pieces on right now. There is some more R&D on Outlaws part to make this 3-piece kit work. The gains I am posting are only for the 2-piece set. There was 3.9WHP gain and a gain of 3.5 of torque. Again, Sean and I...
1-20 of 226 Results