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  1. Oil recommendations for 2002 Nissan Sentra GXE

    B15 2000-2006
    oil change Vs. what brand filter I think your right. It doesn't mater what kind of filter you use. If it's plug up than you need to change it. I wish there was more video's on oil flow and how a plug filter cuts down the oil flow. I saw this when working with brand new built printing press's...
  2. Oil recommendations for 2002 Nissan Sentra GXE

    B15 2000-2006
    Well its an old post and I'm not sure your around. What do you think about 2 stage filters? I seem to feel that there is better oil flow. But what time reviews are posted for oil flow,, I don't see any... I will check U-Tube but wish me luck. I know that I saw in real life a filter get plug up...
  3. from eccs to carb

    New Member Forum
    Can I add a reply to my self? Yes the vacuum advance is used for speeding up or power but I think it would run with out it. Just not quite as good. What you would really need to add is a cable choke if there was no auto choke. And you lived in the cold region. I like a cable choke. I like having...
  4. from eccs to carb

    New Member Forum
    Carb Modles I read some where that there are carb modles in later years that are sent to place's like Africa. So maybe there is parts out there from some outlet in say-China or Japan. If it fit those cars I would think it would fit ours. Not sure if those cars had a carb head or the injectors...
  5. 1986 Nissan Sentra 2 dr coupe

    B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    Old love? Sounds like you cant let it go like a beloved pet. I think your doing right. Hang in there. Some one would LOVE to have it. Even some kid learning to twist a wrench. What is bliwn? I'm too far. My 96 has a lot of bono and a new fender /paint. 66,000. Gosh! I love this car. Pretty...
  6. Engine temp stays cold

    HB Truck
    I had posted that I found the advance of timing cool the temp but I read that advance timing will heat the motor so maybe I had that back wards. Still just timing alone I wouldn't think could do that so much but it will change the operation temp. Hot plugs will also. So out of the box thinking...
  7. NGK Iridiums

    General Discussion
    Heat conversion chart Maybe this will work... Heat Range Conversion Chart
  8. De-activating Passenger Air Bag?

    Long Time 17 years That's a long time 17 years. You must like it... I think I want a cheap mobile home so a new car was out for me. The 96 Nissan was not only the best deal I could fine (with out a car). But it had the best reviews so I was very happy to get it. 66,000 miles, the under side...
  9. De-activating Passenger Air Bag?

    Thanks Quadrarial10 You are starting to make me feel better. Still safe driving and seat belts cuts the risk a lot. I now can see air bags don't come out that far. Maybe I should learn to drive back away more. I'm 5'6", not small but I don't think I could drive well setting way back and trying...
  10. Engine temp stays cold

    HB Truck
    Timeing? Ya, I'm fine with what you say. If the coolant flows there shouldn't be an air pocket. I would sill go over that thermostat and try a other brand of one. Some one posted how the resistance changes on the censer and how to check that. But your saying... The darn thing runs cold. Now I...
  11. De-activating Passenger Air Bag?

    I think your right I think your right. Still I worry about that relation ship because I have not known of any results. Is this something more there hiding? I haven't seen much on the relationship of implants and cancer but there has been groups that make the claim that all sorts of ill health...
  12. Engine temp stays cold

    HB Truck
    Smokeys? Cool... I just found your Org. Post. I once came through the Smokey's on some back roads from the NC? I was driving a old 72 Simca (French) Small 4 banger with electric fan. When it got too hot, I pulled over and let the fan cool it down. If the car died I would have sold it for a...
  13. De-activating Passenger Air Bag?

    Breast implants and air bags? Are air bags safe for breast implants was my concern. It seems to me that a small bump could do more damage when the air bags go off to a person with implants than the actual non-air bag car at the same low speed. I have not seen any research on what Air bags do...
  14. Engine temp stays cold

    HB Truck
    Too Good Yes, Your right. That would need to be one kick but radiator and it wouldn't fit in the car. Now there's one that would need to be closed off...
  15. De-activating Passenger Air Bag?

    Air Bags kill so many people and lets face it, would they tell us if they were defective? What about woman with breast implants? Are they safe for them? Personally I do not drive fast. I drive safe. I use seat-belts. And I am more scared of the air bags than a bump. I mean, why do they need to...
  16. Engine temp stays cold

    HB Truck
    Suds? Suds? When I heard your temp was low I first thought your thermostat was in the wrong way and all-ways open from the force. Then I thought some one put a rebuilt radiator in your car and it was too good. Now suds makes me think some one put windshield washer fluid in buy mistake. It...
  17. from eccs to carb

    New Member Forum
    Back again, I found a GA16DS with a carb. but it says there are differences in the intake manifold and the Head to a GA16DE There's a GA16S carb version too. I wish government would get out of our lives and some one would make a car for the mass's again. A cheap dependable car with the same...
  18. from eccs to carb

    New Member Forum
    Did you mean 8 valves & 16 valve versions. 8 Valve, there's 8 valves less to worry about and cause drag and stress. You mean the injectors can stay??? I wonder still about the bolt holes of the head and the intake manifold would need a head made for a carb manifold ?? You mean the intake is the...
  19. Engine temp stays cold

    HB Truck
    Is this a problem? Hi, I saw your pic of your temp gage after 1hr running. Is this a problem? My old Tempo ran at that temp for years. And I had other cars that did also. My dad use to say "Heat kills motors" So I was happy to see it was not close too running hot. Ya, it wasn't the warmest...
  20. Best Engine Oil????

    B14 95-99 chassis
    HD? I just bought my 1996 Sentra GXL and they put 5-30 Napa HD in it and changed the coolant. I'm not sure about the HD. My first Nissan. Looks and runs great. Platinum Gold Metallic. Wow! I love this car.
1-20 of 40 Results