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  1. Need help naming a part.

    U13 1993-1997 Altima
    I got a steering knuckle from a local junk yard for pennies compaired to what the dealer wanted,call some local salvage yards I spent $250.00 for mine from the yard GOOD LUCK
  2. 1993 HB SE Misreading fuel gauge and back-up light

    HB Truck
    I don't know if your problem is related but in my 88 pathy I have to turn my ignition key switch very slightly foreward or backward to get various electrical items to work Maybe sometime when your backup lights are not working play with the ignition key switch GOOD LUCK
  3. Need help naming a part.

    U13 1993-1997 Altima
    Steering knuckle?
  4. I quit... (long)

    Dallas Nissan Enthusiasts
    Just a suggestion DO NOT EAT A NICOTINE PATCH a friend of mine did and it almost killed him,way too much nicotine way too fast...He said he hit the dirt before he knew what was happening out cold..He has made a full recovery and when I saw the gum I jokingly said I wonder if he will tape it to...
  5. I quit... (long)

    Dallas Nissan Enthusiasts
    I quit cold turkey to do this I ate more(not so good),chewed winterfresh gum,and switched to Molson Golden beer it was the only stuff with a dramatic different taste and I did not crave a cig..12 years and still strong my last straw was when it costed me $50.00 to fill my car with gas and get a...
  6. Clutch Problem

    B13 91-94 chassis
    On my 88 Pathy the clutch went to the floor and was very slow to release I was able to find a bleeder in the system this is where I would start Check fluid top off as needed then find a bleeder there may be more than one in the system for the price of fluid,air in the line can be eliminated KEEP...
  7. Vaccum Leak

    General Frontier Discussion
    The AB valve on my 88Pathy is 1 bolt and 2 large vacuum lines very easy to replace but 12 years later on your 2000 frontier I could not tell you...But another very likley place to suspect is the exhaust system If the cat converter has been messed with lack of back pressure will also cause back...
  8. Vaccum Leak

    General Frontier Discussion
    The info that I have is from a 1980-1988 Nissan/Datsun book LOL sorry I still live in the caveman era.But the AB valve on my model is located on the front of the intake manifold directally in front ot the throdle body,but new ones need something to to equalize the pressure also.If nothing else...
  9. Hello, I'm a newbie with a problem

    General Frontier Discussion
    94USER I can not say on Nissan if the starter cranks fast and sounds like a dying rodent but when the timing belt goes but on a Toyota Celica that is exactaly what happens I never pulled the cap to see if the rotor spun or not.There is a ton of knowledge on this forum if you have time to let...
  10. Vaccum Leak

    General Frontier Discussion
    Raland there is an emission part named the AB valve (Anti-backfire valve)..."The opening and closing of the exhaust valve creates vacuum pulses which draw in fresh air through the filter and valve assembaly. The reed valve only admits air to be drawn into the manifold,and prevents exhaust...
  11. 92 Intermit Bogging/Rough Idle

    Hey Matt I've got an 88Pathy and have similar symptoms but mine may be more progressed I replaced all vaccuum lines,and TPS but have the same results Another symptom that I have,is one exhaust manifold is HOT while the other exhaust manifold is warm at best I have performed several tests after...
  12. How To Check Your ECU Error Codes, 87-95 Pathfinders

    88 Pathoffroad thanx for the (how to ECU for dummies) much appreciated can't wait to rip the seat out and see what codes are showing!!
1-12 of 12 Results