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  1. project "cocaine white"

    Member Rides
    the donor (which is also for sale) custom shift knob shaving the crank pulley the new americas cup of coffee(blacktop sr) Thats shits fuckin tasty(Custom 240sx dash painted slimer green) cocaine white's new grill
  2. Digital cluster install guide (and a question) for you tach guys too!

    B13 91-94 chassis
    heres my b13 se-r with digi cluster
  3. stealth corners nowhere to be found!!!

    Cosmetic Mods
    luispeed pm me when u can get some more also Chuck how can u make them urself i kno u just cant slap on some black spray paint and call it a night.Are those lights on that black200 just crystal clears painted black?
  4. Mister Jung vs CATZ HID kits

    Cosmetic Mods
    Just get u some oem hids off of a wrecked car or somthing and make them fit i got mine off a audi s4 for 50buks and they look sweet :thumbup:
  5. Newbie/96 200SX SE-R

    B14 95-99 chassis
    That a decent deal but leather in a se-r thats got to be nice,also if ur looking to go fast for cheap just get u aftermarket clutch and a nitrous express kit and ull be flying :hal:
  6. ser master cyl?

    B13 91-94 chassis
    i got one from orilieys parts :cheers:
  7. Syndicate Kustomz Purchase of Vision2c.

    Cosmetic Mods
    All i got to say is thanks for making such badass parts for the 200sx especially in carbonfiber ur parts are one of the main reason i bought a 200 hopefully i can have the wing trunk and grill s00n.. :cheers:
  8. Houston Texas

    se area hurre :givebeer:
  9. Best/Cheapest Places to get JDM Engine?

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    Mann i called soko they quoted me 750 shipped to texas what up how u get it for 550?
  10. B13 Hood

    B13 91-94 chassis
    :fluffy: Im bout to get my carbonfiber hood anyday now and am going to throw away my stock hood
  11. Will these fit my 200sx?!?!

    B14 95-99 chassis
    ive seen 19in rims on 200sx's b4 :loser:
  12. favorite bodykit

    S14 240SX 1995-1998
    ive gota go with mine r33 front with s15 headlights on a s14 :cheers:
  13. 17inch tires fitting b13

    B13 91-94 chassis
    na i aint ever heard of having to mod the fenders
  14. 17inch tires fitting b13

    B13 91-94 chassis
    im runnin 205/40/17s on my racing harts for my classic and have gotten nothing but compliments 17s dont look to big on classics with a nice drop and a kit cause there will be no gap and the car ill be low to the ground but 17s on a stock b13 and itll look like a monster truck :loser:
  15. Clutch replacement recommendation?

    Houston Nissan Enthusiasts
    yea it does clamp good my friend has a used clutch (2months used) its a jwt i think he wants 250 for it i duno if he still has it 4 salethough let me know if ur intrested ill let him know.
  16. Clutch replacement recommendation?

    Houston Nissan Enthusiasts
    as far as a jwt clutch they are great for bolt ons and easy on the foot for great daily driving but anykind of turbo action and there not gona hold up,if you do go with with act be preparred to snap clutch cables left and right i have snapped 4 cables in the last 2yrs by now im a pro at changin...
  17. anyone looking for a classic se-r?92

    Houston Nissan Enthusiasts
    post ur email addy ill send u some not forsure on sale yet but family issues i might just have to give up my baby also forgot to mention has a nitrous express kit,safc well ill give you the details if ur intrested
  18. anyone looking for a classic se-r?92

    Houston Nissan Enthusiasts
    stillen kit,mexican tsuru frontend convserion and tsuru tails,9006hids,hart wheels,and every mod known to a na se-r to much to list just post if u want tha details or pics post huurre :cheers:
  19. 91 240sx fastback 5speed for $150

    S13 240SX 1989-1994
    sorry not 4sale i could sell it for 5 easy around here
  20. ummm, holy crap, r33 kit actually looks GOOD?

    S14 240SX 1995-1998
    I had pics of the car on team megiuers but they shutdown there site so i only have one big pic my friend took for me at a angle post ur email and ill try to send it to you :cheers:
1-20 of 46 Results