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  1. Wiper question??

    General Discussion
    I would check with the dealer and see if your VIN was able to be fixed under the recall.
  2. Check engine light

    B14 95-99 chassis
    Opps my instructions are for resetting the airbag light.
  3. Check engine light

    B14 95-99 chassis
    I had the stealer tell me something like 400 bucks...Heres is the way I got mine to go off...Found thsis somewhere on the 'net. MANY thanks to whomever posted it!!! To reset this light.... Open driver door Get in Shut door Turn ignition to the on position (The one that will go all the...
  4. Service Engine Soon Light

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    I have a 96 and the light came on... I knew there wasn't anything wrong with it...I looked on the site for how to reset it, followed the steps and never had it come on again. The stealer wanted several hundred dollars to do it...5 mins and the cost of a single sheet of printer paper plus the...
  5. New official timing chain replacement procedure?

    GA-Series Engines
    Heres a guy who sent me his site to look at when I was going to do mine. The process is the same as listed in the Hayes(I think thats the one I have) Manual. Tonster
  6. Yankin out the engine...

    GA-Series Engines
    Ok got a 96 1.6. What is the quickest way to yank out the engine? BTW It has a manual tranny.
  7. Attn: 95 SentraB13

    GA-Series Engines
    Hate to admit it... BUT the 200 got the best of me(at least for now!!!) I got all the stuff off down to the lower cover, but then could not figure out how to break the seal...They must have JB welded it on!!! Bad News--I think it will be a while before I can get it fixed... Good news--I just...
  8. 1997 pulley tensioner

    GA-Series Engines
    racerdx, I just took mine off and yes there are two bolts. One is long (to adjust the tension) One is short (this one bolts into the nut that the tension bolt screws into). Hope this helps.
  9. Attn: 95 SentraB13

    GA-Series Engines
    Greg, Is the lower pulley two pcs.??? I have the manual trans so I am hoping this will be somewhat easier. This job is a PAIN!!!! I have the Haynes manual its ok.
  10. Attn: 95 SentraB13

    GA-Series Engines
    First off thanks for the helpfull links to your site... I called a friend who quoted me 15 hours of labor(@ 65.00 an hour I might add). So I broke down and started pulling stuff off today. I started at around 5 o'clock and went until 10. I have a couple questions for you...Did you remove the...
  11. OK need upper chain tensioner info...

    GA-Series Engines
    After hearing some crazy chattering/rattling last week I dove in the engine this afternoon to take a look. I got the valve cover off and removed enough stuff to get a look at the upper timing chain stuff. I removed the upper tensioner as it seemed to be the only thing that "looked" worn. In...
  12. Can someone help with this sound???

    GA-Series Engines
    Yesterday out of nowhere while I was driving I got a loud chatter. Chatter got louder as revs went up. Its kinda like a clapping sound (not a thunking sound like a rod). It seems to be coming from in the head area. I took the valve cover off and turned the motor manually, but could not...
  13. New guy needs help W/PS...

    B14 95-99 chassis
    **************************************************** UPDATE: Upon further investigation I found that the return hose to the power steering unit was not tight. I almost pulled the hose off with a just a gentle pull. I'm glad I don't have to replace the pump just yet. I do however have concerns...
1-13 of 13 Results