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  1. Anyone have a Nissan Tattoo?

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    What if Nissan is renamed Renault. Then what. And how many Datsun Tattoos are in circulation. I use to really like the Corvette racing flags until I kept seeing it on people when the breeze would blow up their mullet.
  2. How to fix sun visors?

    Cosmetic Mods
    Argh I tried fixing my bothers Civic visor and after wasting an hour trying to rig it up I went to a junkyard and got one for $5 like new. Saved me a hassle, just wish I would have checked first.
  3. Painting Your Interior

    Cosmetic Mods
    The White dash looks good. I would advise being meticulous just because each step is going to make it look that much better. My buddy rushed his Z center console and it was soon rubbing off where your hands rub when turning A/C and radio controls. So he ended up having to do it again.
  4. How to Remove all Badging

    Cosmetic Mods
    In hindsight the butter knife was a mistake :) Yeah the painters tape works pretty well as long as its not the $1 store $#!t.

    Cosmetic Mods
    This is why I love me some forum. thx for the wealth of info.
  6. funny pics

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    Yes! You win the internet
  7. Hey Everyone!

    New Member Forum
    I have been the fortunate owner of a 2001 Xterra SE for many years and it has gotten me through many 4x4 trails and snow. I just finished 6k mi journey and lived out of it as I went mountain biking and kayaking all over the southwest. Now my baby is starting to cough up a little oil and slowly...
1-7 of 7 Results