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  1. Back Door Action...

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    lol brownie points for anal
  2. Haiku

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    demon in anus hurts you more than it hurts me demons in butt hole
  3. Good News!

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    i have good news. i keep the walls from falling.
  4. As of 1:54 AM (EST), 10/29/03.....

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    probably cause people think they have to be memebers to readthe forums, or just get bored or scared of posting anything at all.
  5. Poll: What idea do you like best?

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    what about a lada samara with a turbo and supercharged ford 5.0...hell, why not 2 turbo/sc 5.0s in a lada? im not joking btw, imagine the look on peoples faces:)
  6. maxima turbo kit

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    has anyone heard of a maxima turbo kit?ive looked around with no luck. is this something id have to do custom made?
  7. Hey Koop, you think you can get this for me?

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
  8. Which to get: Newer Altima or Maxima?

    General Discussion
    yep. you always be better off with lsd than without it:)
  9. advice?

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    isnt that the engine that came in the datsun 510?
  10. GM renames car due to Canadian slang

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    im in quebec and ive never heard it called that. whacking teh wazoo, its been called, but never ever lacrosse. wtf!
  11. maxima/frontier supercharger

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    yeah, i know stillen has a supercharger system for the max but i was wondering if the frontier sc would fit btw, does anyone make a turbo kit for max? ive searched a round, yet no luck
  12. differences in the maxes

    General Maxima Discussion
    hello all. im considering a maxima in a few months, and was wondering if anyne knew what the differences were between the different engines,(ve30de,vg30de and vq35de) in terms of comp ratio, computers,etc?
  13. ATTN EBAY-ERS!!! & Anyone looking for a luagh!

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    still good for a lol tho:-p
  14. maxima/frontier supercharger

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    does that mean it will fit?
  15. SPECS to Compare Compacts

    B14 95-99 chassis
  16. maxima/frontier supercharger

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    does the frontier with sc use the vq30de? if so, then, wouldnt it be abkle to use a blower from the frontier on the max? just curious on this friends.
  17. b13 and b14 heads interchangeable?

    GA-Series Engines
    if u need one i have one lying around that i didnt have time to do headwork on.
  18. What happened to the Maxima project car?

    NPM Project Cars
    what year max was it? are there any links?
  19. Thong stress test

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    :eek: :wtf: :fluffy: :jawdrop: :thumbdwn: :lame: :hal: thats my range of emotions right now!
  20. whats a song

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    no i havent. im going to check them out. do you like children of bodom, cradle of filth and /or evergrey?
1-20 of 478 Results