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  1. Ga16i Malfunction

    New Member Forum
    The car with and without maf connected ONLY revs to 2500rpm and performs like launch control. If I push hard on the pedal it bogs down and gets back up again repeatedly.
  2. Ga16i Malfunction

    New Member Forum
    Hi! I recently rebuild a ga16i with milled head, new bearings, full gasket kit, port polished head and lightweight flywheel. The engine was quick but I had to repair an oil sump problem and since then it started to fail. I also had made a bad connection installing an ignition push button, where...
  3. Ga16i performance upgrades

    Cosmetic Mods
    Hi! I have a sunny n13 Hatch and I would like to make It a bit more powerful. I cant find much info about performance upgrades for the Ga16i. I already have iridium spark plugs, performance spark wires and 2.3" de-cated stainless steel exhaust. I Will change ignition timing to 10. Next step Will...
1-3 of 3 Results