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  1. GTR-i Bluebird

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    Actually, the GTiR does not have rocker arm stoppers from the factory, instead of hydraulic lifters they have solid lifters. The Bluebird/Avenir DET shares many of the same parts as the DE so finding replacement gaskets/parts will be much easier to find than GTiR parts.
  2. What Wastegate???

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    Save yourself time, money and headaches and just get the Tial. Deltagate are notorious for failure.
  3. i just got my quote

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    Well, it depends on which turbo, fuel management, manifold, etc.. you are getting. I would find out more in depth turbo specs and fueling. A cheap FMU is not the way to fuel turbo a car.
  4. T25/T28 Flanges Now Available!

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    Hello Everyone! SR20 Performance is now carrying T25/T28 Turbine Discharge Flanges and T28 Billet Aluminum Compressor Flange Kits. Here are the links: T25/T28 Turbine Discharge Flange T28 Billet Aluminum Compressor Flange Kit...
  5. INCON question

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide Garrett GT25
  6. Which Crane Hi6

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    I have always used MSD ignition boxes. I prefer the Digital 6. It has a built in 2 step, rev limiter and has a total voltage output idential to the 7AL2.
  7. injector resistor

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    All you need is (1) resistor per injector. We run ballast resistors for the MSD 72 lb/hr injectors. Here is what we use:
  8. Clutch for Turbo FWD SR20

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    Here is the Clutch Net Fiber/Kevlar disc that Ryan B. was talking about: Ryan N. is right, us AZ boys have really no problems with our trannies, even with the ACT 6 pucks. I have used the Royal Purple 85w140 tranny fluid for a couple...
  9. Turbo Options

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    Actually, the Garrett GT25 can easliy support 350-400 whp. It is a ball bearing unit so spool will be awesome. It has a T28 turbine side; the exact same specs as the GTiR T28 and it has a T04S compressor which can flow 44 lb/min of air.
  10. injector resistor

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    You will need to solder then inline on the negative side of the injector harness. I suck at soldering so I had a friend do the actual soldering, thanks David!
  11. Fuel Pressure Regulators

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
  12. Manual Gear oil

    B13 91-94 chassis
    I have ran Royal Purple 85w140 for a couple of years and it seems to work really well.
  13. anyone in 29 Palms/ Palm Springs

    I don't think anyone wants to be in 29 Stumps! I was there 3 different times while I was in the Corps.
  14. T25 runs [email protected]

    Great time!
  15. carbonfiber hood ?b13

    B13 91-94 chassis
  16. AZ is the place to BE..

    General Discussion
    Well, Arizona is home of some of the Fastest SE-R's!
  17. SR20 Performance Online Store Open!

    General Discussion
    Hello Everyone- I just wanted to let everyone know that SR20 Performance's online store ( is now open for business. If there are any items that are not on the website, feel free to contact me @ [email protected] Thank you!
  18. Best looking B13?

    B13 91-94 chassis
    Here is a pic of my Turbo Beast Monster that was featured in NPM. Here is the link to the feature:
  19. VQ35DE Runs 12.995 @ 110.6 MPH

    Nice job! Those are great times!
  20. Garrett T3/T04E Group Buy

    Group Buys
    Hello Everyone- I was thinking of setting up a group buy since so many people have been inquiring about them. These are *Brand New* Garrett units. You will have a choice of the following specs: .48 A/R Turbine Housing Stage III Turbine .60 A/R Compressor Housing 57 Trim Compressor Wheel...
1-20 of 69 Results