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  1. what do you make of this?

    when stft drops so does rpm's and spmetimes stalls-- LTFT are at 9 --why wont the LTFT adjust?
  2. Live data, all 4 o2 sensors have no voltage change.

    L31 2002 - 2006
    o2 sensors fuel/air sensors which replaced o2 sensors read opposite and have a constant 3.3 volts---but I don't know what your car has
  3. pulls to left when accelerating, pull right when decelerating

    lower control arm bushing it happened to me twice--04 Murano-- lower control arm bushing gets worn --pulls to left from torque steer
  4. what do you make of this?

    04 Murano short term fuel trims at 25 at idle then suddenly drop to zero for a few seconds then back to 25
1-4 of 4 Results