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  1. where to find 89 awd?

    B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    Not sure any of the Sentra wagons were AWD but rather 4WD I have an 87 4WD wagon and the pictures I have seen of the 88 & 89's seemed to have the same switch on the stick to activate the 4WD as mine. I am wondering if any were AWD. Not sure, but I thought the Stanza's had AWD but I was not...
  2. Questions about b12 4wd wagon

    B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    b13's rear shocks work on a b12 wagon with some work Okay here it is. I did end up ordering b13 KYB G-2's because KYB said it came closer to the stock specs the b12 wagon called for on the back and to be consistent I ordered them all the way around for a b13. I only have the rear on because it...
  3. Questions about b12 4wd wagon

    B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    I am not sinking a bunch of money into just the shocks when I need to buy bumps, boots, and all new bold and camber adjusters to insure I can make this work. I most likely will keep the stock springs. I am now torn on whether I should order the KYB's GR-2's for the b12 or if the b13 application...
  4. B12 Nismo Suspension.....

    NPM Project Cars
    Seriously considering b13 suspension for my b12 4WD wagon This is good stuff hear! I have had two poeple suggest now to try and pull my b13 shocks off and try and fit my AGX's to my b12 4WD wagon. Seems like a bunch of work just to see if it will fit. I am going to be putting them both up for...
  5. Questions about b12 4wd wagon

    B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    It is TBI? (not carberated), or has the idle fuel control canister, it needs to be replaced to cold start and idle correctly. I have a stock parts list for the suspension through to the tailgate lift shock supports. It is about 4 almost $500. That is only the obvious. I did see a busted CVboot...
  6. Questions about b12 4wd wagon

    B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    Rear Suspension cannot be found. I added my b12 4WD photo to my signature. It needs suspension badly but this wagon gets as many looks as the 240sx that is for sale. I have called everywhere with no luck! Anyone good with spec'ing KONI race inserts? The only logical recommendation that has...
  7. Questions about b12 4wd wagon

    B11/B12/KN13 82-90 chassis
    Help with B12 4wd parts I just bought an 87 b12 4wd sentra and it has a carb? I am lost, I thought I read some where that between 87 and 88 is when they switched to injection. My first car was an 83 sentra 5 speed with the same engine that is in my b12 4wd wagon. I also, a while back, used to...
  8. 4WD Turbo B12 Sentra

    Forced Induction & Nitrous Oxide
    suspension I just bought a 87 4wd sentra wagon. I am able to find front shocks but am trying to find rear shocks/suspension for it and am not having any luck. Does anyone have any recommendations?
1-8 of 8 Results