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  1. **New Midwest Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun Forum**Check it out!!

    Midwest/Great Plains
    A friend of mine started this forum specifically for midwest Nissan Infiniti Datsun owners. There is a great variety of cars and owners. Check it out, join, and post an introduction!! Thanks guys!
  2. Engin Swap

    General Frontier Discussion
    Oh, your dash lights could either be bulbs or the dimmer switch to the left of the steering wheel.
  3. Engin Swap

    General Frontier Discussion
    There are a couple Frontiers out there with sr20s swapped into them. I don't know much more than that.
  4. 95 Altima - stalling / idling issue

    U13 1993-1997 Altima
    Don't forget about the possibility of the intake manifold gasket leaking. That causes idle/stalling problems and is a very common problem.
  5. Trouble code 1320 ign primary circuit fault

    A33 2000-2003 Chassis
    It means you need to replace your 6 ignition coils. There is one on top of each spark plug.
  6. South Wisconsin Dyno

    Midwest/Great Plains
    There is Engine Performance and machine here in Madison. They have a brand new Dyno Dynamics dyno. June 10th they are having an Open House also.
  7. What happened to the "other" site?

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    I have been searching to find out for an update for the but only found this forum, unfortunately. I wish it would be back up. Urgh!!!
  8. Ksport coilovers good or bad?

    Suspension & Brakes
    Here is a thread where the sr20forum suspension guru goes over the Ksports. It's a good read:
  9. KSport Coilovers

    Group Buys
    Hey guys, this is the best deal I have seen on these. Don't pass it up. We need a few more people to get in on this. If you have questions feel free to ask AZ_TURBOSE. He knows his stuff. Here is a thread with more info:

    New Member Forum
    Replace the leaking injector and o-rings.
  11. 98 Frontier Speedometer troubles

    D22 1997–2004
    Unified meter(part of the gaugecluster).
  12. 2001 QX4 Codes P430,303,1320

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    The 1320 code is for a coil. If it says Cyl. 3, replace your cyl.3 coil. Also, if you have 85k miles on your QX4, I would def. change your spark plugs too. The P0430 code is for the catalytic converter. If I were to assume, you have let this go for a while. Chances are you have a dead coil...
  13. tire pressure monitor

    The spare tires do not have pressure monitors in them. If your tires go below 32psi the light will come on. All you need to do is adjust your tire pressures, drive maybe a 1/2 block, and the light will go out. If your tires go below 28 psi, it sets a hard code(flat tire)that the dealer will need...
  14. How to change spark plugs in a 2002 3.5??

    The throttlebody has 4 allenhead bolts attaching it to the intake manifold. There is also 2 coolant hoses that attach to it. If you remove the hoses, you will have a little coolant mess but what I do is leave the hoses attached. With the 4 allenhead bolts removed, you will be able to move the...
  15. fan only works on high

    A32 1995-1999 Chassis
    Replace the blower resistor.
  16. Nissan recall on leaky injectors

    Z31 300ZX(T)
    I don't understand why the other thread was closed besides the name calling and the insults, lol. When I was at work today, I did a little investigating because this really got under my skin. This is a voluntary recall. It is a recall. When i go on A.S.S.I.S.T. at work, and I look up recalls for...
  17. Nissan recall on leaky injectors

    Z31 300ZX(T)
    I, personally, have done this "procedure" on over 20 vg30 vehicles at the Nissan dealership that I work at. If I am not obligated to do this under warranty for customers, I sure would like to know. Because everyone I've done has been covered under warranty and every claim that my dealership has...
  18. Nissan recall on leaky injectors

    Z31 300ZX(T)
    Since you posted that pic, did you read that last sentence in the first paragraph? If it has to do with safety, it is a recall. What you are showing is the service procedure that is issued to Nissan dealerships from Nissan. Recall procedures for the dealer from Nissan also have the EXACT same...
  19. Nissan recall on leaky injectors

    Z31 300ZX(T)
    Just to reinforce, this IS a recall. A recall doesn't matter how many miles you have on your vehicle either. I have done this injector recall on vehicles with 200k miles on them. When you call the dealership and give them your vin, they may say that it doesn't come up but that is because after a...
  20. Nissan recall on leaky injectors

    Z31 300ZX(T)
    ^^^thanks, that helps a LOT.
1-20 of 481 Results