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  1. Charging problems

    If you have to jump start it after it stalls, it sounds like the charging system isn't sufficiently charging the battery...or, the new battery is bad. Make sure when you turn the key on (engine off) that the charging system warning light comes on. If it doesn't, as if the bulb burned out, for...
  2. 2000 6cyl petrol Pathfinder - backfiring, missing & cuts out.

    It could very well be the distributor, which is a common failure on VG engines as they get older. Sometimes the oil seal will fail and cause oil to contaminate the sensor ring, sometimes the bearing will go and cause play in the rotor shaft and sometimes the optical sensor will fail. Also, it...
  3. 93 sentra xe

    GA-Series Engines
    Could also be a faulty or dirty IACV-AAC valve..which is not uncommon on these engines.
  4. Charging problems

    Well, it's likely not the starter since you can start it by jump starting. There's not enough information about the problem to be able to give you an answer. For example, when the vehicle stalls out, does it restart on its own easily or does it need to be jumped? Was the alternator tested off...
  5. 720 King Cab 4x4 Brush Guard / Push Bar

    Classic Datsun
    I don't know if they go back that far, but you might try They carry a lot of off-road accessories for Nissan trucks and SUVs. If they don't, contact them and they may be able to point you in the right direction. Just keep in mind that there may not be much out there specifically...
  6. 2009 Altima 2.5 S driveline noise

    2007+ Altima
    You can have a bad wheel bearing hub and not necessarily have any play. Often what happens is the seal fails and water get into it and pits the bearing race, which will cause a "roaring" noise that increases/decreases with speed. Without hearing it for myself, it's hard to say.
  7. Grinding noise when accelerating/engine misfiring

    B14 95-99 chassis
    Any noise from the timing chain area? It's not uncommon for these engines to have the guide face on the upper chain tensioner get loose or fall off, which can cause the timing chain to jump timing or worse. I used to replace the tensioner around 100,000 miles as "preventative maintenance."
  8. Charging problems

  9. Creaking/squeaking driver's seat

    Start a report with Nissan's customer service hotline, 1-800-NISSAN-1. They may be able to provide you with some assistance if you can't get anywhere with your dealer.
  10. Rear Differential problem with 2015 SV AWD Rogue

    2008+ Nissan Rogue
    Without knowing what caused the problem, it's impossible to say. If it is caused by a mechanical failure of the rear diff, then it should be covered under Nissan's 5-yr/60,000 mile powertrain warranty if you are within the mileage limits. Your extended warranty "may" provide extended coverage...
  11. Rogue 2017 driver seat clicking noise

    2008+ Nissan Rogue
    Nissan's customer service hotline: 1-800-NISSAN-1
  12. 09 Rogue Alternator change no AC

    2008+ Nissan Rogue
    You can do an IPDM active test to help with checking the A/C clutch operation:
  13. AC issue, no cool air and refrigerant reads correct pressure

    2008+ Nissan Rogue
    I've seen a number of A/C clutch field coils fail on 2005+ Nissans. If the clutch doesn't appear to be engaging, another thing you can try is an IPDM active test. It's a test that lets you check the circuit from the IPDM to several components, one of them being the A/C clutch, without even...
  14. Battery terminal corrosion

    2008+ Nissan Rogue
    Usually that's an indication of a leak near the battery post. You did the right thing in replacing the battery. Warm water and baking soda and a little scrubbing with an old toothbrush or small wire brush work well at cleaning off corrosion. The anti-corrosion "donuts" and anti-corrosion spray...
  15. 2012 Rogue AWD CVT

    2008+ Nissan Rogue
    It's referred to as a "combination switch" in the Nissan parts catalog. Go to and you can get it for $170+shipping, which will probably be around $10. Any competent auto repair shop can handle the replacement, which should be about an hour's worth of labor.
  16. AC and Fan issue with 2016 Rogue SV

    2008+ Nissan Rogue
    Also, make sure you service the cabin air filter, as its location behind the dash makes it easy to forget about. If it hasn't been replaced in a long time, it can get clogged up, reducing the airflow through the vents.
  17. Recommended - Genuine NISSAN PSF or equivalent.*7 for Maxima-2008

    A34 2004-2008
    Genuine Nissan P/S fluid is only NissanMatic Type "D" ATF, which is actually the original Dexron formula. Almost any red power steering fluid or red automatic transmission fluid will work just fine in the power steering. Just don't use the amber or clear power steering fluid sold in my auto...
  18. 2006 Nissan Altima Airbag light.

    L31 2002 - 2006
    Keep in mind a company called They can repair or reset air bag components and often a lot cheaper than getting a new part.
  19. Altima 2013 2.5 SV with code P17F0

    2007+ Altima
    Going to the Jatco CVT transmission was not one of Nissan's finest moments! Personally, with all of the problems they've had, I would not want to put a used CVT in my vehicle. Also, keep in mind, whether it's used or new/remanufactured, it has to be programmed to the ECM once installed. In other...
  20. 2016 Altima steering is locking, freezing

    2007+ Altima
    Also, if you haven't done so, already, contact Nissan's customer service hotline and start a report. They may suggest taking your car to another dealer or sending a Nissan service rep to the dealer to look at it. If nothing else, at least you have further documentation and have made them aware...
1-20 of 179 Results