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  1. 09 Altima SL Air Conditioner Blowing Intermittently

    2007+ Altima
    Nissan calls it a "thermistor" or "thermal amp." When the core gets too cold, it cuts the power to the A/C compressor clutch coil. I'm pretty sure you have to remove the dash and the HVAC unit in order to replace it on this car.
  2. Nissan Altima 2016 ac problem

    2007+ Altima
    I haven't heard of that issue on vehicles in the USA. What you call a "thermostat" is what Nissan calls a "thermistor" or "thermal amp." The thermistor is inside the heating & cooling unit and the tip of it inserts into the evaporator core. It is a compressor protection device in that if the...
  3. P0300 code

    D40 2004-present
    A lot of the Japanese manufacturers used soy in their wiring insulation, so that's why many of them have issues with rodent damage. They do make "rodent tape," which is laced with pepper, to wrap around automotive harnesses to help keep mice from chewing on them. Honda and several other...
  4. Diesel fuel accidentally added

    There is no drain on it.
  5. 2006 Pathfinder (257K miles) - Oil leak only when driving??

    There is a seal behind the oil cooler (which is what the oil filter threads onto) that is a common leak. It's not a big repair and the seal isn't expensive. Leaks at the back of valve covers is also not uncommon on the VQ40DE engine. Only way to know is get under it and take a look!
  6. Buying Advise 2014/2015 Pathfinder

    If you want reliable, you don't want a 2013+ Pathfinder. They've had a number of issues and have consistently ranked near the bottom of Consumer Reports rankings for their class. If you need something that big, a 2011-2012 Pathfinder or a Toyota Highlander would be a much better choice. The...
  7. Front Hubs 1992 Nissan 4wd

    HB Truck
    NISSAN D21 PICKUP 1990-1994 NISSAN FRONTIER 1998-2004 NISSAN PATHFINDER 1990-2004 NISSAN PICKUP 1995-1997 NISSAN TITAN 2004 NISSAN XTERRA 2000-2004 Personally, I would just get a set of WARN manual locking hubs. Lifetime warranty, stronger and they work better.
  8. Rear window

    What year?
  9. 3.5 liter vs 4.0

    I was a Nissan Master tech, so I'm very familiar with the VQ35DE engine, plus I have two, R51 Pathfinders with the VQ40DE engines. Each has had their problems, but I think the VQ40DE is more reliable, especially after 2010 model year. The only real issue with the VQ40DE is during the 05-10 model...
  10. 2011 Nissan Pathfinder provides heat only sporadically.

    It's fairly common that air gets trapped in the heater core on these vehicles. Top off the coolant in the radiator and coolant reservoir. Check the radiator and coolant reservoir caps; the cap WITH the spring on it goes on the coolant reservoir and the cap with no spring on it goes on the...
  11. Low voltage fuel pump connector

    HB Truck
    You probably won't get a reply from "sinful." He hasn't had any activity on this site since 2013.
  12. Engine swap

    HB Truck
    I'm speaking only of KA24E engines, which are single cam; the KA24DE is double cam. He could swap his head onto the "new" block, but we don't know if his head is any good since all that was said is his original engine is "bad." "Bad" could be just about anything!
  13. Blower stops working and comes on again later, what can it be, Nissan maxima 2000 model

    General Maxima Discussion
    Most of the time when I hear complaints like this, it usually ends up being the blower motor, itself. Sometimes they can duplicate it by grabbing the harness connector while it's attached to the blower motor (under the passenger side of the dash) and move it up and down. It would also be a good...
  14. 08 Maxima Transmission Grinding

    General Maxima Discussion
    Are you absolutely sure it's the transmission and is it automatic or manual? Have you checked the trans fluid?
  15. 2008 Nissan Maxima 3.5liter v6

    A34 2004-2008
    If you were driving when the battery light came on, then it's more likely to be an issue with the alternator or wiring to it than it is to be the battery.