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  • smj999smj ·
    I've used Raybestos professional grade and the professional grade advanced technology and I've never had problems with them. They are a good product and you won't go wrong using them. Genuine Nissan premium pads are good, but they can be expensive. But then again, you get what you pay for, don't you? I've been really happy with the Akebono Ceramics. As I've mentioned, Akebono is an original equipment supplier of brakes to Nissan and have been for years. One pet peeve I have is buying a set of brake pads and finding out I have to grind down the tabs to get the pads to fit! I've been a lot of parts, especially brake pads, through They have a great selection and good prices; you just have to keep an eye on the shipping prices as they ship from multiple warehouses. So, to answer your question, I think you're fine with the Raybestos as long as you stick with their "upper tier" pro series ceramic pads (Raybestos also makes cheap pads, as well).
    rogoman ·
    Hey SMJ,
    Several threads back you were talking about what are the best brake pads and rotors for Nissan's. I've got an '09 Altima that needs a brake job soon. What's your recommendation? I've used Raybestos perfessional grade components before on other cars with good results.

    curvecrazy ·
    I assume, since the computer adjusted and it was actually running rich that it fouled the catalytic converter and hence the P0430 code. I also assume I have the chain tensioner issues. I did bypass the radiator for the tranny fwiw. I would rather not replace the cats $$$ Although maybe they are near the end anyways at 100K miles. ???
    curvecrazy ·
    Read your post below quoted... So, the 05-06 Pathys tend to be a bit more "buggy" than later models. Some of the common problems include the noted radiator failure (cooler tube), belt squeek due to failed tensioner and/or misaligned P/S pump, fuel sender failure, and catalytic converters (P0420/P0430 catalyst codes), upper timing chain noise (due to premature wear of the tensioner "feet") and ECM relay failure in the IPDM.

    I have an 05 Pathy with 97K miles. I had a P0174 CEL which I decided to try and sort myself. Lean bank 2. Found it to be a faulty air/fuel sensor front bank 2. Drove maybe 500 miles while sorting it out. Checking for intake leaks etc.. Now it gives a P0430 code catal. below threshold bank 2 CEL. Any advice to save money here? Thanks George
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