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  • Andrew Bryan ·
    My 2013 rogue had a radiator leak and overheated last night. After filling the radiator and letting it cool down, it wouldn't start. Checking the codes, they read out engine over temp and bad MAF sensor. So I replaced the radiator and the MAF sensor, but car still wouldn't start. Checked the codes again, it read IAT over voltage. Reset codes and then it just reads out error code 0000 and still won't start. I'm lost. Please help
    smj999smj ·
    P0420 and P0430 codes are catalytic converter efficiency codes. It's determination for triggering the code is based on the upstream and downstream oxygen sensor input to the ECM. It is not necessarily a clogged catalytic converter that causes these codes, but an inefficient converter...meaning it is no longer breaking down the exhaust gases as efficiently as it's supposed to do. It is only the converter(s) between the upstream and downstream oxygen sensors that is/are monitored, so for your Nissan, it is strictly looking at the upstream converter. So, you still likely need to replace the upstream catalytic converter to get the P0420 code from triggering.
    marsh9`9 ·
    Hello I performed a back pressure exhaust test on the upstream 02 port and got a zero reading even after increasing rpm. So according to what I have read and viewed the converters are good.. I know the rear one is because it is new along with the muffler. I am thinking if I install the upstream converter the PO420 code will still cause the check engine light to reappear. I have changed both O2 sensors with Bosch, OEM.. the upstream about 2 years ago the and rear with the new exhaust replacement parts. The gas mileage is as it should be 22 city and more on highway.
    smj999smj ·
    It could be a bad fan clutch. I replaced mine on my 2006 Pathfinder last year. I was able to do it on the vehicle without discharging the system or removing the compressor. It wasn't too bad of a job and I did it in my driveway. I forget the name of the brand, but it started with an "M" and it was made in the USA and I got it on Ebay for around $110. Also, make sure the electric fan is coming on.
    #Jupiter123 ·
    2006 Pathfinder. Thanks for the help on my overheating problem. New problem is my Air Cond Cools when I am driving then stops when I slow down, stop, or at a drive thru window. Checked R134 and its fine. No obstruction between condenser and radiator or bent fins. When I am stopped I notice every now and then the compressor seems to shudder when engaging. Any help appreciated.
    smj999smj ·
    NOTES FOR THOSE SENDING MY MESSAGES REGARDING PROBLEMS: The message board only allows 1000 characters. If you question requires a detailed response, you may be better off E-mailing me directly at: [email protected] Put in the comment line: "RE: Question about my Nissan." It makes it a lot easier for me than typing a response then having it not post because it's too long, then having to break it up into multiple messages. Thanks!
    thatguy427 ·

    A family members Pathfinder has been having problems recently and from my research you have commented quite a bit on the subject and seem to be very knowledgeable on the subject. I'm hoping you can help me out. I have not looked at the car yet to confirm the problem but from the descriptions given to me it seems like the transmission has been damaged on this 2006 Pathfinder due to the radiator's internal tranny fluid cooler failing. Do you know what all gets damaged? Will a transmission rebuilt kit fix the problem or are their additional parts that need replaced? torque converter?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    smj999smj ·
    So, it sounds like you have an aftermarket radiator, which is fine. I guess at this point it wouldn't hurt to try replacing the thermostat if it hasn't been done.
    #Jupiter123 ·
    I followed your thread for my 2006 Pathfinder. Radiator cap and coolant reservoir are in the correct place.No sticker or imprent of Calsonic-made radiator v isable on top of radiator. No blockage of condenser or radiator cores.Coolent level full and vehicle was jacked up twice and ran @ 2500-3000rpm for 10 min. It overheats on highway drives to a point 3/4 the way up gauge. Ya think I need to replace thermostat? looks like the spring type clamps are on the hose not worm gear clamps which leeds me to believe therm was not replaced. Thanks for your help
    smj999smj ·
    The timing chain issue affects some 2005-2010 models, but not all of them and for the ones that do have issues, they can occur at any range of mileage. The issue is that some of the secondary timing chains had links that were stamped with worn tooling which caused sharp edges that cut into the plastic tensioner faces. This would cause a "whining" noise that sounds similar to the sound of a bad power steering pump; the noise will increase/decrease with engine speed and there are examples to be found on YouTube. If you don't hear the noise, don't worry about the timing chains. If you do, then it's worth changing them as eventually it could cause the chain to jump and cause damage to valves and possibly worse.
    smj999smj ·
    If it has the original radiator, it's not a bad idea to replace it. Any competent shop can handle the job and any aftermarket radiator will prevent the cooler issue from occurring. Spectra Premium is certainly a popular choice, but Nissan does offer a value line radiator and if you want to step up to something better, for $350 you can get an all-aluminum, CSF brand radiator from Stillen.
    smj999smj ·
    Check the front sway bar mount bushings. The original design had the split in the bushing directly against the crossmember, which allowed the sway bar to squeeze through and cause a knocking noise. The update bushings are cheap from Nissan and have the split relocated to prevent the issue.
    The rear suspension is a weak spot on these Pathfinders; they'll bottom out over bumps and sag when towing. Initially, the fix was to install Airlift 1000 air bags; some would also upgrade the shocks to Bilstein 4600's. Now, Moog has stock replacement springs that are much better than the OE units.
    I moderate at another forum, There's lots of good R51 Pathfinder information over there.
    Cmangiaf ·

    I'm a nissan owner, and seem to remember your user name from the Murano forum? Anyways, I'm looking at a 2010 Pathfinder with 68,000 miles on it. I'd like to know what work you suggest having done to prevent any issues. From what I've read, changing out the radiator to a new one (either dealer does it or I have one of the Spectra's put in) is a definite. But I've read one of your posts about the timing chain teeth/tensioner - do you know if these part deficiencies were addressed in the 2010 model?

    Anything else I should check?

    Thanks a bunch!
    BRubble ·
    Hello SMJ,

    Got a question ~ Why is the D40 second generation Frontier heading 2004-2015? Shouldn't it be 2004-Present.

    Maybe I'm missing something.
    sqboy ·

    I am from Trinidad and Tobago. I have a 2001 Nissan Y11 Wingroad that uses the QG15DE engine. I am doing a transmission replacement this weekend and Im wondering what is the best ATF oil to use and how many Quarts of ATF will it take to do the replacement of the transmission? See link below for the actual picture of the car...

    Used 2005 Nissan Wingroad Photos, 1500cc., Gasoline, FF, Automatic For Sale
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