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  1. '06 X-Trail Catalytic converter

    Rock Auto definitely rocks. I'll be recommending them to all my contacts. Great timing on the headlamp bulb recommendation. I've recently been looking into options to brighten things up. HID kits are just way too expensive however. I'm averaging about 437kms city on a tank myself, but that's...
  2. '06 X-Trail Catalytic converter

    Success... Hello quadraria, Hope all is well on your end. Just wanted to provide a quick update. Upstream and downstream NTK O2 sensors (from Rock Auto) installed at a total cost of $229Cdn ($121 parts / $108 labour). The P0420 engine code for "Cat Converter below threshold" was cleared and...
  3. '06 X-Trail Catalytic converter

    Makes total sense and cheapest is certainly not always best. I would guess that when looking at Altima parts the ones that list a year range of 02-06 compatibilty may be where "fit risk" could lie. Regardless, I'll see where the O2 sensor replacement gets me and go from there. Thanks again
  4. '06 X-Trail Catalytic converter

    Just talked to my mech and gave him the gameplan to replace O2 sensors first then go from there. He mentioned that last year he had a customer with an X-Trail that needed a Cat converter replacement. Said the customer bought an afternarket "direct fit" Altima Cat converter for the 2.5 DOHC...
  5. '06 X-Trail Catalytic converter

    Thanks very much for the link to Rock Auto. What a fantastic X-Trail resource! I went ahead and bought both the Upstream and Downstream NTK O2 sensors. Can't go wrong for those prices!! I also found a direct fit Cat Converter on eBay from an aftermarket manufacturer here in the Toronto area for...
  6. '06 X-Trail Catalytic converter

    Appreciate all the advice and suggestions. I did a bunch of research last night and would appreciate your perspective / advice on what I've found because I'm in a bit of a quandary now with which way to go. In searching for O2 sensors, I found a few options on both eBay and Amazon for 2002-2006...
  7. '06 X-Trail Catalytic converter

    Hi quadraria10, 2 transmission failures in 9 years on a CRV, or for that matter a Honda period... Ugh, that is very unfortunate, and unusual. With the exception of a used 1990 Toyota SR-5 king cab pick-up I drove from 1997 to 2000 (and now the X-Trail obviously), every vehicle I've ever owned...
  8. '06 X-Trail Catalytic converter

    Thanks, I'll ask my mech to replace the upstream O2 sensor first. And yes, it actually did pass a real emissions test lol. Engine is running great, and appearance wise looks almost new. And yes, I would like to get at least 300,000kms out of my X-Trail. I got 389,000 out of my 2006 Honda CRV...
  9. '06 X-Trail Catalytic converter

    Thanks for the suggestions quadraria10. My mech did check the spark plugs first, and they were brand new, properly gapped and obviously replaced just prior to me buying the behicle. That made him wonder if there was a reason for why they were (ie. related to the Cat not performing, maybe a...
  10. '06 X-Trail Catalytic converter

    ----------------------------- I just got this code myself after only having my new to me, safetied and e-tested X-Trail for just over a week. My mechanic couldn't find a generic after calling 3 of his parts supliers. So je called Nissan in Ajax. They quoted him $1600 for a OEM Cat Converter...
  11. X-Trail Bonavista Edition Registry:

    Production #3096 Build Date: September 2006 Purchase Date: July 8th, 2016 (used from original owner via Agincourt Nissan) Location: Toronto Silver. In mint and immaculate condition inside and out. 173,000kms.
  12. Newb 2006 X-Trail Bona Vista Owner in Toronto, Canada

    New Member Forum
    Apparently I'm supposed to introduce myself as a new member, so that's what this post is about. I'm a first time Nissan owner from Toronto, Canada. I just purchased a pre-owned 2006 Nissan X-Trail Bona Vista Edition from Agincourt Nissan in Toronto's east end. Silver, 173,000kms, manual trans...