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  • RoadIron ·
    Hi Quad,

    Hope all is well on your end. Has been awhile since we chatted re: O2 sensors and Cam/Crankshaft sensors for my 2006 Bona Vista. How is yours holding up these days?

    My latest issues is an Air Conditioning matter. I'm being told by my local Nissan service department that I have a malfunctioning "A/C Auto Amp", which is why my A/C only blows cold air when I have it set to the lowest temp setting, and hot at every other temp setting above the lowest. It will not adjust temperature any longer. They told me this part will cost $1451.54, which I just laughed at, and proceed to start looking for a used or aftermarket A/C Auto Amp part on eBay, RockAuto, etc. etc.

    Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me find anything out there. I can't even find a picture of this part when I do a google image search. I see references to it in A/C system diagram schematics. But that's about it.

    Have you had any dealings with this part or this issue as yet?


    Adrian (aka RoadIron)
    GX-Trailer ·
    Hi QUAD.,

    I hope all is well with you and yours. I've finally traced and temporarily solved that strange clop-clop noise from the front suspension on e.g. cobblestones. Worn anti-roll / sway bar bushes. All other suspension parts, both front and rear, were perfect despite the 82,000 km. The bar could slide sideways instead of being laterally fixed. It should only be allowed to twist, right? The only Nissan dealer in Rio with new ones wanted to charge me the equivalent of US$ 240 for the pair !!! The mechanic wedged in a piece of hose, which temporarily fixed the problem. I decided to order parts from abroad. I tried that firm you recommended - Rockauto (?), but no joy. I 've ended up ordering via EBAY UK. Price with postage: equivalent of US$ 18. MASSIVE SAVING even with punitive import tax. I'm still really enjoying this car. What a pity Nissan in Brazil has discontinued its sales.
    All the Best, BRIAN
    FarmerChef ·
    Hello Quadraria, I noticed you are from Gatineau and was wondering if you had any contacts for used xtrail parts in your area. The reason I ask is my wife and I will be travelling through the Gatineau area in approx. 2 weeks and I need to replace my front side markers on my xtrail hopefully before we go to the east coast :) I have checked out many places around Toronto and everyone has wrecked XTrails ,but no one has the front side markers, so any connections would be HUGELY appreciated.
    Photo_brown ·
    Hey Q,

    Thank-you for the suggestions. I am investigating wheels as we speak. The Xtrail can with New Winter Tires, but no summers, so I am looking into new rims and Tires.

    I love this vehicle, it is so much fun to drive, and I hope it will do me a while yet.

    Actually the other thing I am doing right away is switching out the CD player for the Eonon 5168. I noticed you did the same.

    Do you have any words of Wisdom, Diagrams, photos etc. of and after the install? I have switched out Decks before, but it is always useful hearing from someone who has done the exact same install before I tackle it.

    Feel Free to email photos etc. and reply to this message at [email protected]

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