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  • quadraria10 ·
    The problem with bluetooth was my blackberry settings 1) encryption mode needed to be disabled
    2) The blackberry was connecting other services before the hands free and so it was connecting but the Eonon was timing out before the hands free service would be enabled to link.
    3) By disabling all of the connected services audio sink, A/V etc other than hands free that showed up in the device properties of the Eonon on the Blackberry , and then trying to reconnect in car-- SUCCESS. Took about 10 seconds for it to be recognized, and it now automatically connects to my phone when I have it with me in the car.
    I will try and get you some pics when I get a chance
    quadraria10 ·
    To fit the GPS receiver just pull the dash cover over your instrument cluster, and it will pop up and out. Behind there is a perfect place to tape or attach and easily pass the wire down to where your stereo wires are bunched, and so you can insert it into your Eonon. Signal is fantastic and quick. Its where Nissan installs them.
    You need a wiring connection kit for pre 2007 Nissan and to match up the wiring. One thing is you need to power the antenna and to do so you will be using the blue power amp wire in the supplied Eonon loom. For the rest you can pretty much match up the colours. Ignore and tape off the ones you don't use or need.
    quadraria10 ·
    Looks and works great in a Nissan X Trail T30. To install it you can use the original cd/cassette player brackets that mount in the center stack holder. They fit on this model and you can match up 3 of the four original holes on the right and left side of the unit. Just make sure to use a marker and go around the bracket on your original cd unit so that you can easily match up the angle and hole positions on your Eonon unit. You will find 3 that match up perfectly and forget using the fourth screw its not needed.
    If you want an exact fit you will need to increase the size of the 3 bolt holes on the front of both brackets. You could do this with a drill press, a thin metal file, or any way you want. I used a dremel tool with a metal filing bit and made the tops of each hole roughly 2.5 mm higher, to allow me a bit of play to lower the unit slightly, before tightening it in. If you don't this it sits flush on top and the sides but leaves a 3-4mm gap on the bottom.
    quadraria10 ·
    Hi Kurt,
    I think I wrote down my words wisdom on the how to in another post somewhere. For the wiring loom make sure to check the actual diagram on your unit and don't trust the way its indicated in the manual. Make sure all your splices and connections are good and well insulated.
    I found I Go Primo maps works better than the Kudos that comes with the Eonon. You can get the software from NaviExtra on micro sd card to change it.
    Maybe you found the thread with my notes. Otherwise, I cant right now but will try and track em down for you.
    Rear view cam is great with X.
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