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  1. 2002 2.5 v-spec need help lol

    B15 2000-2006
    something has you in limp CEL present?
  2. OLD SCHOOLERS UNITE.... '05 and before ROLLCALL!!

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    Wow....there's a few names i recognize. This place has really fallen off. There's Spam everywhere. :/ This used to be the Forum of Forums. Now look at it. :(
  3. 200sx sr20 key on engine off or on issue please help!!

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    Did you ever resolve the issue?
  4. Intake Hose 1996 200sx SE-R Cracked

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    You could get an intake kit off ebay for cheap that would do the job. check around on a few car part websites or call Nissan and get a new OEm one. On the firewall side should be an intake resonator. Helps with engine intake noise.
  5. Pulsar 92 Gti Radiator fan not turning on

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    I'm not sure since you don't have an SR engine but there's a temp switch that tells the fans to kick on and off based on engine temp. Might need a new switch. on your engine that swtich could be in a few places but start with the water outlet on the upper side of the engine or in the radiator...
  6. Brake Noise in 2002 Sentra Se R V spec

    SR-Series Engines (DE/VE)
    This might be better suited to the B15 forum.....
  7. official 'im still here' thread

    Nissan General Discussion Archive
    I had to stop back after an almost 4 1/2 year hiatus..... Things have changed. The site loads ungodly slow, almost like i've been put into miserable status by the mods. I sold all 5 of my girls, 3 of them were totalled within 3 months of the sale. My baby was hit broadside by a guy on a quad...
  8. Nissan Sentra 93 ECCS Idle doesn't change

    B13 91-94 chassis
    Sounds like it's time for a new distributor..... Start by cleaning your current cap and rotor to get the oil off and see if that helps. the oil may have messed up a couple other things in there too but start cheap and work your way up.. what engine?

    B13 91-94 chassis
    If you still have any pieces of the original sunroof like the handle that was used to pivot/hold it up or something else you might find a vendor name on it that would provide you a clue as to who made it. Then you might be able to verify if you can get new glass or not. Good luck!
  10. Help...clutch issues

    B13 91-94 chassis
    Don't buy garbage clutches. Get a key-value clutch kit from nissan if you don't have much money. It's around 100 dollars and it's from Nissan. I've had one in my SE-R for years(granted I've faded teh crap out of it a few times) but it still works even with my abuse.
  11. maybe a little too low...

    B13 91-94 chassis
    What size tires? what kind of tires? What spring/strut combo? What offset wheel?
  12. Drums won't fit over shoes

    B13 91-94 chassis
    You need to turn back the adjusters so it pulls the shoes inward enough to put the drums on.
  13. Door Lock Question

    B13 91-94 chassis
    C-clip or spring clip, whatever you want to call it.
  14. nx 2k someone plz plz help us

    B13 91-94 chassis
    First of all...Did you replace all the sensors with your old UDSM sensors? That will cause it to run like crap if you didn't. Did you check the timing? Are your vacumes hooked up properly? If non of your lights are working then your didn't put it back together right. You must have missed...
  15. NX1600 Transmission or clutch problems?? noise?? help!!

    B13 91-94 chassis
    Also, I know this sounds really stupid but take a LONG screwdriver and listen to the end of it (put the tip on the part you want to listen to and the end of the handle to your ear). You can chase a lot of sounds that way.