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  • Sonic18 ·
    Ok, I bought a 2005 Sentra 1.8s Special Edition, 129,000 miles. The battery & Brake light would come on.. then the car would run sluggish, then go off and run fine. Now I was driving down the freeway. about 5 hours ago. OMG! the lights came on and remained solid. the car died in the road. I had it towed home. I'm not a mechanic. I just turned 18. I'm female replaced the Alternator with a new one. 2 hours ago. And everything seemed fine. So I drove it around abit. 30 minutes. Same thing happened. The break & Battery light came on again, I'm like OMG!! Really! and everything is happening again. So I replaced the alternator for nothing..any ideas what it may be,,thank you..
    lrizzell ·
    Hi Chimmike,

    I have a 2000 Nissan Sentra that has been impossible to fix for the last several months. It has been at 2 Nissan dealers, (but not on any analyzers), 10 mechanics and still no answers.

    It runs with misfire in cylinder 2 and 3. I replaced the spark plugs, the Coil packs, the injectors, the MAF, the Intake valve timing sensor, the cam sensor, the crank sensor and checked the ECM for corrosion.

    Compression readings are 65lbs on first stroke, 110 at 4 strokes,. Cylinder 2 has 90 lbs with "noise" coming out of cylinder one. The Misfires are in cylinder 2 and 3. When you are driving the engine eventually runs normal until I slow down.

    Someone suggested the butterfly in the Intake manifold may be bad or fuel problems.

    Any suggestions?
    MANN1 ·
    hellow chimmike sorry to bother
    I just got myself a nissan altima 2 months ago and the person i got it from sayed that it was in perfect shape,, 2 weeks later my a/c stop working ,, i did a research online and there was some postings regarding the thermo amp.. and when i looked it was already bridge,, the compressor wont start unless i put a ground on the a/c relay ,, its a nissan altima 2000 any info on how to get it fix will be highly aprecciated ..
    bucsfan82 ·
    Viewing your posts u have a wealth of knowledge. I was curious if you knew specifics on intake and exhaust valve opening times in terms of crank rotation? I am looking to fab a custom header and those figures will go a long way in the math required to design a good functioning custom header. My email is [email protected] I look forward to your response. Thanks in advance. Tim. 2000 sentra GXE
    alberry ·
    i have a 2006 pathfinder the door close confirmstion (the Beep) stopped working yesterday but does the beep come from the regular horn or the alarm horn
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