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  • smj999smj ·
    Been giving the "One touch Ban & Clean" feature a workout the past couple of weeks! Still, we need to get a better system. I know ClubFrontier makes a new member post in their new member thread before they are allowed to post elsewhere in the forums. I think this would eliminate a lot of spammers, but, if not, at least make it easier to delete them as it would at least put them all together in the new member section (if they do choose to post there) and we could use the "Ban and Clean" to clean up their mess from there, rather than hunt for them.
    On another matter, we are really overdue for a Quest section! Thanks!
    smj999smj ·
    Is there any reason we don't have a Quest forum, despite it being included with the vehicles listed in the Truck & SUV category title? A member asked the question.
    albyneau ·

    There's a serious lack of subcategories under various models! I have a '95 pathfinder for example, looking for some info on factory wheels- and grew weary quite fast having to scan thru pages of unrelated topics. How am I supposed to make posts on my particular subjects, and grow beyond my newbie status, if I cant even find what I wish to research/comment on? I'm a car builder, and simply dont have the time to search unendingly for required info.

    Any chance of resolve in the near future?
    drt ·
    how do I post a question? I want to know the worth of my 1978 Datsun F-10
    It has one problem. A exhaust manifold gasket needs to be replaced at the cost of $500. I am offered $700 for the car this weekend and emotionally don't know if I want to part with it unless I know this guy will take good care of it and will return it to me if he ever decides to sell it. Funny huh? Otherwise I just don't know what it is worth or what it will be worth down the line as a classic car. Dr. T.
    gandhbuilder ·
    I have a 86 Nissan D 21 Hardbody and the lights just stopped working. The fuses are good, I replaced the headlights, I even swapped relays under the hood. The turn signals work and brake lights. Does anyone k.ow what the "H" the problem is? I'm going nuts!
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