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Exclamation Engine cut off

All, I need help. whenever I slow down after climbing a hill with my 2004 model nissan X-trail, the engine cuts off. I brought it to the dealer but they cant find the problem. Can someone please help me? what would be the solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance
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post #2 of 13 Old May 31st, 2010, 09:45 PM
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I faced the similar problem when climbing up the hill and also face twice when descending the hill .The latest one is just 3 days ago happened twice with distance between 3 KM.
This is my 7 or 8 times already.
Let me share with you the things Nissan have done without a good outcome

Sent to Nissan Service centre... Can't solve at all !
Reason given:
1.Oil Filter choke 2. Throttle body dirty (2 X service) 3. Petrol Grade 4. Sinthetic oil properties deteriorate 5.Engine oil level low (But strange the,indicator light not shown) 6.Finally request my side to change from sinthetic oil to mineral oil (service/monitor every 5 KM) ..But the problem still exist during the 4 km..

One of my family member who drive X'trail also face the same problem- so far 3 times in less than 1 year (Both our car Manufacture 2003 ~ 2004).

Therefore I begin to think this is a manufacturer defect.
Nissan in our country said they will try to rectify the problem until it solve.. how long will it take ?
I believe there are a lot of users facing the same issue like us.

Anyone that have the direct email link to Nissan HQ in Japan?

From Penang, Malaysia.
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post #3 of 13 Old Aug 26th, 2010, 09:41 AM
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Engine cut off

Having the same problem too. Send car to TC but problem cannot be solved.
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post #4 of 13 Old Sep 6th, 2010, 02:27 AM
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Does this stalling problem only happen with the X-Trails build in 2003 and 2004, or are other years affected??
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To all,

This may not apply to your vehicles but worth consideration. About 6 months ago I had a stalling issue with my 2005 SE 2.5 (petrol) 5 speed X-trail with 125,000 KM. The issue started to occur at around 114,000 KM. I would be driving in any gear and the engine would just cut out. The check engine light would flash once (very quickly), but not stay on.

I had it towed to the dealer as the car was not driveable. The engine would start, but the minute you touched the throttle pedal it would stall. The dealer over the course of 5 weeks, replaced the cam shaft angle sensors, crank position sensor, throttle butterfly, ECM (including re-flash), catalytic convertor and inspected the wiring harness. Needless to say it was covered by my warranty. The shop foreman drove the vehicle for a week and the issue was assumed to have been corrected. Upon returning the car to me it happened again within 10 KM.

Conclusion, after having the car again towed to the dealer they inspected the entire wiring harness again as the Nissan tech line thought it might be a loose wiring connection or bad ground. Bingo, they found a corroded wiring connector behind the battery, which was intermittnetly lossing a conection causing the engine to stall.

Worth having a look. The corrosion (oxidation) was in the plastic connector, which is hard to see but obvious once found. The dealer covered almost $7K CAD worth of repairs for a $1 part.


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post #6 of 13 Old Sep 17th, 2010, 09:47 PM
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Occasional stalling

Hello All,

I'm having a similar issue with occasional stalling too. Just like others, it happens with engine under a load or sometimes on deceleration. It seems to happen more when the engine is cold so I thought it might be fuel starvation. I replaced the fuel filter since I bought the car second-hand but that didn't solve the problem. I've read that the crank angle sensor can cause engine stalling but I'm not getting any ECU error codes generated. Has anyone solved the issue by replacing the crank position sensor even though there was no error code generated? I'm not opposed to replacing a part if it may resolve this issue. My wife drives the car and I'm concerned for her safety...

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post #7 of 13 Old Sep 18th, 2010, 08:56 AM
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Au exxy. Please see my post on the subject. There is no need to spend lots of cash replacing sensors when the solution could simply be a bad electrical connection.


Tim Johnston
2005 X-trail SE, 5-speed, bone stock (hopefully not for long)!
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post #8 of 13 Old Sep 19th, 2010, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by T&A Johnston View Post
Au exxy. Please see my post on the subject. There is no need to spend lots of cash replacing sensors when the solution could simply be a bad electrical connection.

Hey T&A,
Since my problem is intermittant, it could very well be a faulty connection somewhere on the wiring harness. I had a look behind the battery and the only connection there was the ground strap to the chassis which continues down to the engine block. Is this the connection you were reffering to in your post? I haven't disconnected anything yet and wanted to get more info from you before I do.

Thanks for the great post... It's funny how something so simple can cause major drama. I'll be sure to look for the simple solution before I start throwing heaps of money away.

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Literally it's behind the battery and is a small white (transparent) clip connection. For reference it is about 3 cm long and 2 cm wide. The corrossion/oxidation is inside the connection and looks like a white powder build-up inside. Needless to say I am sure this problem is worse in northern climates, namely Ontatrio and all the driving I do snowboarding in Quebec in January. Also, when it hits -20C and then warmth from the heat of the engine it will corode quickly. Not sure where you are, but if your in a warm climate and exposed to humid weather you might get the same effect.


PS - if I get a minute I will take a pic on the weekend and post it for reference.

Tim Johnston
2005 X-trail SE, 5-speed, bone stock (hopefully not for long)!
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Did any of you guys found a solution to this engine cut out issue when going up hill yet?
I work at a Nissan dealership and we are having one in wright now with those problems. it would be really helpfull for us to troubleshoot those X- trails with this particular problem...
Note that there are no fault codes, crank/cam sensor issues or wiring problems found on the one we are dealing with atm..

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Thread bump for someone with the exact same issue, it's doing my head in, struggling to believe no one can find a definitive answer. My xtrail 2002 model also never throws a fault code, not once, so I have been throwing parts at this.

Done so far:
Ensure always using high octane fuel
New plugs
New cam and crank sensors
New coil plugs all 4
Injectors cleaned
New pcv valve
New throttle body

This problem is easily replicated so it's not as if it is intermittent, has got mechanics stumped. I have data logged via the OBD port and although not an expert cannot see any obvious issues with the likes of the O2 and maf sensors but may change them anyway.

I don't notice any vacuum leaks either, other than this it drives nicely seems to rev well enough, starts fine so not suspecting fuel pump or filter issues. Wondering about cat converter issues, partial blockage? As indicated put the motor under load driving uphill and as soon as I dip the clutch it either cuts out, or jerks around on the brink of stall, sometimes idle recovers and it smooths out. If anyone here had resolved this or the OP has please advise.

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Hi Tim can we pls have a photograph of this connector? It will be greatly appreciated. As I can't find this connector behind the battery.
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The engine of my 2004 X-Trail shuts off when driving up hill and only uphill alone. It shuts down immediately after the gear has kicked down ... and i'll be wondering why the sudden loss of power. It become very dangerous as faster cars behind may just smash into my car. So far, no TCM technicians nor any 3rd party mechanics have been able to diagnose the problem
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